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October 9, 2009
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I had a strange dream. Something along the lines of a dancing fish in a top hat…I woke up partway through the night because of I t, laughing slightly at the implausibility of it and sweating a bit (because not only was it warm in the room, but because I had an awkward fear of fish). After a few minutes of just sitting there, the sultriness of the room began to get to me. Why would it be this warm in early fall? I cursed Mother Nature for it and crawled out of bed to open a window.
The cool breeze blowing into the room sedated me easily, and I sighed, putting my hands on the edge of the window and resting my weight upon them. I knew, thanks to that stupid fish, that I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep again. So I took to staring out the window. What else, since I was there? It…was sop quiet and unmoving out there that there was almost a funereal vibe to it. I shuddered and closed the window. But as I turned around, I found myself staring into bright eyes - one green, one blue. Before I had a chance to scream at the sight of this stranger, he reached out a hand and covered my mouth.
“That would be rude to scream,” he giggled. “You might wake someone up!” I just stared, completely shocked. This man…this stranger…h was the most idiosyncratic sight I’ve ever seen. Apart from his eyes - my god, they chanced color every time he blinked! - his hair was dyed nearly every color I’ve ever seen, and some shades which I hadn’t.
“Who-” He interrupted me with an audible sigh, rolling his eyes (which were surrounded by thick walls of eyeliner).
“Why does it matter who?” he asked, holding out his arms out to either side of him and speaking as though this were the most nondescript thing in the world. “And why does it matter why it matters?”
“What?” He stared at me, his eyes both blue for a moment.
“What, what? You’re the one asking the questions!” I was so lost, so I didn’t say anything. He smiled, then took my hand. “But though it doesn’t matter, you can call me Sebastian. Now, come with me!” he started to try and pull me from my room, but I pulled out of his grip quickly.
“Hold up,” I said. He gave me a look, almost as if he was disbelieving of my imperviousness to go with him.
“Why are you trying to get me to go with you, and who exactly are you?” He rolled his eyes.
“This again? You’re far too uptight!”
“I came here to tell you that you’re a freak. Loosen up! Be more indulgent!” He grinned and held out his hand. “And come with me!”
Maybe I was just far too gullible. Maybe that look in his eyes inveigled me into it. But I found myself slipping my hand into his and being ushered out of my room, and then out of the house completely.
I unconsciously glanced up at the sky as Sebastian pulled me out into the empty street. It was cloudy, and darker then it should be. A latent chance for rain, perhaps? My weather thoughts were interrupted by a clear statement from Sebastian. A command, almost.
“Dance with me!” I stared at him, suddenly wishing I was still dreaming about the fish and hating how much of an extrovert he was.
“Get over here and dance with me!” He was grinning ear to ear, a tacit demand in his eyes.
“You want me to dance with you?” He nodded. “In the middle of the street?”
“Where else would we dance?” How was I going to get out of this? There was no way he was going to let me say no…
“There’s no music,” I mumbled.
“Isn’t there?” He cupped a hand around his ear and raised an eyebrow. I was about to say something when I heard it. The quick beat and nearly obnoxious timbre of what sounded like techno music, though it was faint. I…wasn’t sure why, but I began to feel a bit enfeebled…I felt shaky and nervous at Sebastian’s eccentricity, and at this strange anarchy he was causing in my mind. But he just grinned and came up to me.
“Come on,” he said. He took hold of me, his hands clasping my waist, and lifted me up, starting a slow spin at the same time. His hands sent a chill through me, and being lifted like that made my heart race. I stared at him, my anxiety hopefully reflecting in my eyes. His own, a shade of amber that as I watched blinked into purple, reflected my face, with no emotion other then my own showing anymore.
“Come on hon, smile!” he said. He slowed his spin and set me down, but kept one hand on my waist and laced his fingers through mine on my other hand, and held it  up at shoulder height. The music slowed, and I realized that he was fully prepared to waltz with me.
“Let go of me,” I said. “I want to go back to bed.” He ignored me and started to try to lead a waltz. But his steps fell together with horrible incongruity, and I was stumbling along to follow his lead. “Sebastian, really!” He grinned yet again, a sight I had grown inure to (though it felt like he was taunting me). However, as he grinned, he mis-stepped and fell, bringing me down with him. And god, that stupefied look on his face - like he had never fallen before in his life - sent me into a fit of laughter as I pulled myself to my feet.
“There you go!” he said, grabbing my wrists and spinning me once more as the music sped up. “Keep laughing!” Honestly, I was going to, but he did something stupid that I wasn’t expecting. He let go! And I fell, hitting not the road…
…But the floor beside my bed, tangled in a web of blankets. I was coated in sweat, and I was sore all over. I struggled free from the blankets and rose to my feet, staring out the window across the room. The street beyond was empty.
Had it all been a dream?

I Had A Strange kibaz-girl

Literature / Prose / Fiction / General Fiction©2009-2014 kibaz-girl
This was my vocab story for English. XD It's kinda choppy cuz I didn't want to make it too long, and I had to fit the vocab words in it. I dunno if the teacher liked it though. He just left a comment on the page, saying "wow Ellen. Take creative writing!" and I can't tell if that's a wow as in "Wow, that was really good!" or a wow as in "Wow Ellen, get a life!" XD
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kibaz-girl Oct 24, 2009
yes, Ellen. That's my name. Why?
not the usual name i run into.
kibaz-girl Nov 12, 2009
XD okay. I understand.
i love it i think i t was the first one on the comments you have a life^^
kibaz-girl Oct 24, 2009
XD alrighty, glad you like it!
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